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No matter if you are an otaku or if you have no idea what an otaku is, as long as you like femboys, you will love this collection of Gay Anime Games that we have in store for you. In store may not be the best choice of a word, because nothing here is for sale. We offer all the hardcore porn games of our site for free and nothing will be in the way of enjoying all the action tonight. Not a paywall, not a request for registering an account, not downloads and not even any kind of extension for your browser. There is just one thing you will have to do before getting to play these games. That thing is confirming that you are over the age of 18. Once you do that, all the games are yours for unlimited play and orgasms.

And there are some games that will sure make you cum in minutes, no matter if you’re an anime fan or not. That’s because the action and the interaction in them is so good. Although the characters are looking like anime boys, they will feel real through the way they move and the way they react when you will fuck them. That’s because all the games that we recommend in this collection are coming in HTML5. This new technology is much more advanced, and besides offering amazing features within the games, it also confers a cross platform capability to every single title of our collection. Play these games on PC, Mac or on mobile through both iOS and Android, directly in your browser.

There Are More Gay Anime Games Than You’d Think

If you’re not into anime or if you only played hentai games on the mainstream porn gaming sites and not on a dedicated platform, then you are missing out on the good content. The general sites are not focusing too much on providing quality hentai games because the people who would play them are on the dedicated sites. And this is exactly what we’re running here. We are one of the first dedicated sites for anime sex gaming that only comes with gay content. And the content is pretty diverse, even though we’re a niche site. There are two main categories of hentai games in this collection. Before we go down to gameplay style, genre and the kinks in the videos, there is one way in which this collection can be divided. You have the original hentai games and the anime parody sex games. The original games are not that popular in the west. In fact, some of them we translated ourselves, so they are for the first time available to the non-Japanese players.

And then on the other hand we have the anime parody sex games, which are coming with characters from all the popular anime, reimagined as gay lovers. Some of them are stopping just to create characters looking like the originals and then have them fuck while giving you some of the commends for actions. But other games are coming with complex gameplay, which will put you up for a challenge before you get to enjoy the sweet tight ass of the anime babes. Some of the gay anime games are coming with gameplay that’s so complex that you’ll forget you’re actually playing a porn game.

It’s All Possible In The Anime World

One of the best things about the hentai and all the other animated porn mediums is the fact that these characters won’t have any earthly limits in the things they can do. And they can do a lot. The asses of the bottoms in the anime games are just like One Punchmam or Goku. So, if you want to enjoy some of your wildest kinks in a safe environment, you should play some anime games tonight. And if you’re a girl who likes anime, you’re also welcomed on our platform. There are many ladies playing our yaoi hentai games. And we also included community features on our site, so that people who enjoy gaming here can discuss things about their favorite kinks.

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